The Wineries

The first viticulture and vinification co-op in Lemnos was founded in the mid 30s. The first organized winery to operate in Lemnos was the Union of Agricultural Co-ops, in 1958. Since then, the specific winery was the unique wine maker, collecting the grapes of the island and processing them on behalf of the producers. The first private wineries appear in the mid 90s.

Today, besides the winery of the Agricultural Co-op “Enosi” (The Union), also known as Limnos Wines, there are several wineries in Lemnos: P. Chatzigeorgiou, Savoglou-Tsivolas / Lemnos Organic Wines, E. Garalis, N. Koukoulithras, I. Kremmidas, A. Tzanerou, D. Mayá and P. Vastardou-Chonas. Of these, the winery of Savoglou-Tsivolas (Lemnos Organic Wines) and partly Garalis and Koukoulithras produce organic wine.

Although for the time being not all Lemnos wineries display organized reception areas, in the past years wine producing activity at the island has been advancing steadily and the need to attract wine lovers and to promote wine tourism has respectively grown.