The Vineyard

Since 1982, the entire island of Lemnos has been a marked zone of PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) wine production.

Four main factors make the wines of Lemnos unique:


  • the volcanic land
  • the climate of the area
  • the cultivating methods which remain traditional to a certain extent
  • the cultivated varieties


Today the vineyard of Lemnos extends to 600-650 hectares, largest part of which being situated in the area of Agios Dimitrios, a village with long tradition in vine cultivation, especially of the white variety Muscat of Alexandria

The waterless vines of Lemnos are cropped so as to form a low “goblet” close to the ground, as the strong winds of the island do not enable the linear layout. The traditional grape harvest starts in the middle of August and is usually over by the end of September. Besides wine, several other vineyard products are similarly popular in Lemnos, such as the grape must or petimezi, that is the unfermented pressed and sweet grape juice, raisins and extracts (tsipouro).