Lemnos. Or Aethaleia or Anemoessa or Dipolis. These are just some of the names occasionally given to the island of Lemnos. According to the myth, it was here where Hephaestus, the god of fire, was catapulted, after a fight between Zeus and Hera and thus Lemmos became Hephaestus’ favourite land, as Homer mentions in the Odyssey. And not undeservedly… It must have also been a favourite land for Jason and the Argonauts who arrived here and almost forgot to leave as they were amazed by the beauties of the island.

The myths concerning the island of Lemnos are wisely connected to its history and reveal an interesting past, as Lemnos has been a very important island of the Aegean sea, since the prehistoric times. It was then that the first organized city not only of the island but of Europe as well, Poliochne, was founded. Thanks to its exceptional location as well as its productive capacity, Lemnos was claimed by many and played a very important role during the ancient, byzantine and modern times.

With its calm and relaxing landscape interrupted by low, smooth hills, the land of Lemnos remains virgin, allowing the visitor to make several beautiful discoveries; numerous beaches, outstanding archaeological sites, impressive sand dunes, verdant plains, picturesque churches, interesting volcanic rocks, masonry yards (traditional pens), picturesque villages and, of course, hospitable people. Among several other beauties, the visitor shall here find endless vineyards that complete the landscape in harmony, since the viticulture tradition of Lemnos dates back to the distant past and its land has been giving unique wines ever since the antiquity.

Images in Lemnos cycle along with the seasons; sunsets with the view of Mount Athos, granaries of an impressive golden colour in the summer, exotic flamingos flying around the wetlands of the island, the green scenery that highlights the colorful pallet of flowers in springtime, the white and shiny salt lake that contrasts with the deep blue of the sea and so on. The island seems to have so many faces and keeps so many hidden surprises each time…

The beautiful coastline of Lemnos embraces the sea, secures in the mainland all the natural beauties, hospitality and taste treasures and gives visitors promises of unique experiences.